The installation is inspired by the messages communicated by the tradition, on which the foundation is founded, and by the suggestions from the old cinema world. For every erudite architect, the feminity is represented in architecture by the ancient ionic style, which its origin is inherited by female proportions. Many architects of the past try to convert this message in shape helped by this style. This is the first inspiration, but consequently, it has been spontaneously proposed to create a temple, in a modern approach, suggesting the preciousness of the contents and grace of the woman’s body.
A temple for the forgotten aspiring actresses.
The exhibition is deliberately detached from the context, it’s like an object resting on the ground, as the reception desk and the sculpture at the entrance. Thin white curtains separate the interior and the exterior of the exhibition. The red colour of the flooring refers to the atmospheres of cinema and festivals. The main structure is made of wood, the 30 columns (same number of the exposed photographies) allude to the Ionic columns, a symbol of femininity. The experience of the path is scenographic, like a movie. The access to the exhibition is not immediately identifiable from the entrance, from here we can see an almost cylindrical volume. A coloured band on the floor invites the visitor to turn around the small structure. The architecture suddenly opens on the opposite side of the entrance, revealing its contents.
An inner ring of columns supports the beams from which two images are hanged, one on each side. The photographies are printed on aluminium with a thickness of few millimetres, so that the images are slightly shiny, and fixed to the cables with small hooks. The access inside this ring is opposite to the entrance to the installation. In this way, 28 photographs are hanged on the inner ring. The 2 missing photographies and 2 information panels, are on the opposite wall to the entrance, giving the illusion from the main entrance that the ring is complete. This is a contemporary architectonic approach which aims at a rich simplicity and to a new interpretation of the shape of an installation.



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